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About Me

Welcome to my page! 

I am so thrilled you have taken this major step in protecting yourself and loved ones by reading more about Radon Gas. 

My name is Susan Makki.  

I graduated from the University of District of Columbia (UDC) with a degree in Medical Radiography. After many years in the medical field, I decided to switch gears and work as an HRIS Systems Manager for Berkshire Hathaway.   

For the last 17 years, I have worked as a Real Estate agent serving the state of Virginia, Maryland, and District of Columbia. I have also been a Top Producer for many years. Since I believe “knowledge is power,” I decided to obtain my Broker’s license and have been an Associate Broker ever since. 

NOW, here is the interesting part:

I have sold many properties during my Real Estate career, and one thing that always caught my attention was the “RADON INSPECTION” in a sales contract. As time passed my curiosity grew, so I decided to learn more about RADON GAS. In doing so, I realized how little we know about this tasteless, odorless, invisible enemy! 

As it turns out, our homes that happen to be our place of peace, love, and comfort, could be the most vulnerable when it comes to Radon!

I stepped up the ladder and continued my education to become a Radon Measurement Specialist (Certified by NRSB #21SS009). Having done over 300 Radon inspections in the past year, sometimes the results were shocking! 

I decided to start my own business as well as launch an Accredited Laboratory, focusing more on helping homeowners and their families secure themselves from potential lung disease caused by Radon Gas. 

Without a doubt, this will be the smallest investment you have ever made in achieving the largest goal in your life. YES! YOUR HEALTH and the peace of mind you deserve.

Do not wait, place your order now.

Saving Lives one home at a Time! 

Warmest Regards,


NRSB Cert# 21SS009

Laboratory # ARL2103


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